Friday, January 8, 2010

Use of flashlight

Never liked using it. However, it is time I get to like it, especially after listening to Louis Pang's, 'there is no such thing as bad lighting'. Indeed, it is up to us to get used to what is available, and what gadgetry that is available.

Here is a sequence of photographs on the mixing of a Cuban drink, Mojitos. Looks fun, and rather expertly done. Shame that photographs were not so well taken.

- ugly shadows. used bounced flash. ceiling too high. 60 degree angle, still ugly.
- he did not have too much space to move. otherwise, shadows could be reduced if he could have stepped away from the wall.
- another solution would be to use a very fast lens and a very high iso. not with my nikon d300. maybe canon or d700 or d3x

and glasses upon glasses of drinks for us


Dharm said...

high ceilings are always a challenge! Hate shadows too - always takes the focus of the subject...
Didnt realise you were past president of PJPS!!

Photography Unlimited said...

hey, thanks for visiting blog. and had visited yours too. hope to see you set up an eatery soon. so that we can all let our taste buds do the 'talking' too.