Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chinese Acrobats' performance at Capsquare

Chinese New Year is upon us again. I must have been really busy or very lazy and inefficient. Why? Only now, that I am reviewing the photographs that I took last year.

I saw a similar performance yesterday at the centre, Capsquare, and my reflex-action was to take out my Lumix LX3 to take some photographs. Then I 're-holstered' it. Reasons are many, as the following photographs will illustrate.

Actually, the main grouse is the background. It is just too distracting. With a DSLR, I could probably 'blur' that through good use of depth-of-field. Lumix LX-3 has a manual function too, but what the heck, it is supposed to be a point and shoot!

Otherwise, this is a gem of a shot. Your thoughts?

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