Monday, January 25, 2010

Macro Photography

I tuned in to a morning talk show hosted by NTV7, a Malaysia TV channel sometime last week. Stayed tuned for a short while as the topic was Macro Photography, and specifically photographs of spiders.

When asked why spiders, the photographer meander through his answer that after some 3minutes, we still don't know what or why he said or do. The other chap, presumably his assistant, gave a short answer. Spiders are relatively easy to shoot since they do not move very fast normally (you can imagine the look he got from the 'speak but no answer guy').

Waited, and waited, and waited and finally their photographs were displayed on the TV. What can I say. For those who had seen the program, they would know what I am trying to say. For those who had not seen, did not miss much. Will now show you some spider photos taken by my buddy, Paul Chan.

thought I might as well sneak in this early-valentine couple

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vsground said...

while true spider dont move very fast.... still i cant do macro on them. maybe because i'm too slow :P