Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nikon Centre - Kuala Lumpur

This centre, I thought, is only catering to the needs of Nikon camera users.

How wrong can I be.

I received an email from a fellow photographer whose words are, "It looks like both of us (maybe less important persons) who are Nikon users were not invited or sent any emails on this event. Canon users were more important I guess. Check the names of the mails ..... sent to".

This friend was forwarded an email by a Canon user of an invitation sent by Nikon to Canon users (well, almost all those in the list are Canon users). A couple of hours later, we received our invitation.

Anyway, been to the centre. Looks good, feel good, but how can Nikon users benefit from it other than KL folks saving time making their way to Nikon service centre in PJ? Let's wait and see.

David, marketing manager of Nikon giving his speech

Louis giving some demonstration with a live subject.

(quality of photographs not that good 'cos not using Nikon!!!)

Oh sure, I welcome and learned a lot from Louis Pang's talk, "Let there be light". I especially want to share this with photographers - "there are no bad light, or good light". Yes, just how we use the lights that are available, sunlight, tungsten, flash, studio, etc. At the end of the talk, Louis suggested that we take a look at http://www.webshooter.tv/.
Why not, great lessons there. I will therefore not bore you with what I learned at the session...

Back to the invite. You can find all the info here, I hope.

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