Saturday, August 22, 2009

Which Camera Should I buy?

I was asked that question yesterday – what camera should I buy?

Well, easy question, but with the many different brands and models that one can find in the market, the answer will have to come from the questioner him/herself.

I am partial to Nikon, and had been using that brand for years. But should I encourage people to buy Nikon? Maybe not. Talking to photographers in Malaysia who share the same experience with me, customer service level in Nikon Malaysia is bad, some say atrocious. Well, I have digressed. Will touch on this subject later.

Back to the question on the camera to buy. I guess the buyer will need to be guided by what he wants to shoot. In the case of the person who asked yesterday, he said ‘Macro’ and ‘Scenery’.

Guess what – I recommended a Lumix LX3 (Point & Shoot). What do you think. Agree with my recommendation?

Sample photo taken with a Lumix, unedited. Quality's really good


Anonymous said...

When it comes to Nikon and DSLR cameras, I'd recommend a Nikon D5000 if that's within your price range.

Otherwise, in terms of point and shoots, the Lumix sounds fine!

Photography Unlimited said...

I am not too sure about going that route. Video on the same equipment that will likely lead us to the path of a professional does not sit too well with me. I may recommend D80, or even the trustworthy D200. Maybe I need a paradigm shift...