Saturday, August 29, 2009

Talk by Diana Lui, "Finding Our Identity through Photography"

I attended a talk this morning on the above subject matter. Glad I went. Most thought provoking. You can actually glean quite a lot from her website, Diana Lui - Artist, Photographer and Film Maker.

What did I get out out of it, that I can share? I will summarise. Do let me know if they are any good to you. Anyway, I am still grappling with the subject.

Camera's that she use - large format, 8 x 10, Hasselblad, point & shoot, DSLR's.

Preferred subject, portraiture, and anything that she can "find without searching".

The message is really just:
- understand your subject / object
- must remember the social content of a photo, and
- must be aware of the environment
- must not let the lack of time to be used as a reason to lose our sense of self
- stay present, and translate your emotions into the pictures you take

Last, but not least, came away with a few big names that I would spend some time on are August Sander, Diane Arbus, William Eagleston, and Ansel Adams.

Snippets of questions some participants asked:
- I take photographs of road signs. people think i am silly. what do you think?
- How does music influence photography?
- Malaysian photographer that you think is v good? Yee I Lan (need to get the spelling right!)

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