Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Filing images

There are lots of articles that had been written on filing. I just could not find the time (maybe my procrastinating self just refuse to find the time!) to do a proper filing. The day my pc crash would be the day I regret for the rest of my life why I did not back up my images. etc

Would advise that images are not deleted if they can be archived for review at a later date. I found some photographs that are pretty good that almost met my delete key. Periodic reviews can bring up some interesting photographs. Here's one I took at a Microsoft event. Not well paid, but gain a ton of experience. My partner, however, was less than pleased.

As photographers, we need to be rather flexible. I am, I believe, too flexible, but my partner is just too rigid. In this instance, our client, the event manager asked that we submit the photographs taken in 5 days, as per our quotation. Their client, Microsoft, wanted the images immediately (without us having the opportunity to edit and delete).

We compromised in the end. Gave the images to them 'almost' immediately.

Here's a photo for the memories - seller of PABX system!

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