Sunday, August 30, 2009

Aerial Photography

I was fortunate enough to take on an aerial photography assignment a couple of months ago. It was quite an experience. Having equipped myself with knowledge I gleaned from the internet and books, I went ahead with this assignment.

There are a couple of options that we could have taken. We could mount a camera on a remote controlled aeroplane, or use a hot air balloon, or climb on top of a crane. I ruled these all out as each of these options do not allow us the flexibility of height, angle, and in the case of hot air balloon, time.

The obvious choice was to use a helicopter. Was not easy getting a quote. In fact, it took almost a month for me to obtain a quote and negotiate for the right fees. We had use of a 'squirrel'. We chose a day and hoped that the weather would be good. Pleased to note that my client is very happy with the photographs.

Here are some photographs, unedited. When I can find some spare 'photoshop' time, I will post them later.

invited two buddies, Chan Swee Meng (right) and Yip Tuck Loong (left)
during the shoot, I was allowed to open the helicopter door.
(Photo courtesy of Chan Swee Meng)
did a 'fly past' of the KL Tower. not allowed to keep the door open when the helicopter was moving fast, hence the reflection.
rather pleased with this image of the Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin Towers and its surroundings.


shloke said...

WOW! You did a great job on the aerial shots. Even the unedited shots look simply amazing!


Photography Unlimited said...

Thanks. Most encouraged. Will post some of those that I have edited, in the near future.

Cecilia said...

It must have been very exciting and scary shooting KL from a helicopter. You did a great job considering that the haze wasn't very cooperative! I wouldn't have known it was your first aerial job! Very pro! Wonderful to see KL from a different vantage point!