Saturday, November 7, 2009

Results of the Conscience Camera Award - BASF PETRONAS Chemicals

This year, the theme is “Chemistry in Our Life”.

Photographers must interpret and capture photos that show aspect/s of the theme clearly. Every photograph must have a short caption (in English) clarifying the theme depicted in the photograph.

The prize is good, so I participated. I am happy that my 2 entries were shortlisted, but not happy that I did not take home any money.

Nevertheless, I wonder if a couple of the winning shots answer to the theme. More like 'Chemicals' and not 'Chemistry'!

Here are the winning, and not so winning shots, taken at the exhibition site. Oh dear, having a tough time arranging the photographs. Never mind, I will just label them, rather than arranging the photographs.

Shortlisted - cuties submitted by my buddy, Paul Chan and his kid

Ahh, two of my entries. Guess which 2

Consolation Prize

2 Consolation Prizes

1st Prize

3rd Prize

Another Consolation Prize

The Judges -

2nd Prize

More Consolation Prizes

and more...

and there are a couple more short-listed photographs which I missed out.


snappshooter said...

nice picture..
u entered the competition?? wow, its great, how about yours?? get any prizes??

if u know about any photography competition, inform me k



Photography Unlimited said...

i entered two pix. they are the butterflies and ants. will post the pix later.

i will post all those contest that i hear of, in this blog. do visit once in a while.