Monday, November 30, 2009

Artistic Nude Model Shoot - Iveta Niklova

Felt rather apologetic that I did not get an opportunity to update my blog for a couple of days.

Reason is that I organised a model shoot in KL. The model we have, Iveta Niklova who is based in London, is such a brilliant model that taking good shots of her isn'd difficult.

Organising the shoot, getting the right number of photographers for the outdoor shoot, charging just the right amount to cover the expenses, that is tiring. Then again, with such good response, I may just organise another shoot in the not too distant future.

Got to thank my host with regards to the outdoor shoot. Excellent buildings, and fascade. Truly enjoyable in the company of wedding photographers, event photographers, bankers, all great companies. Best to show some pix now/here. Let me share three for now.

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