Friday, October 2, 2009

Running into our (Malaysia) king and our former prime minister

Photographs are such wonderful tools. Cleaning up my disk and saw this photo that I took a year ago. It was just like yesterday that I took this shot.

What is interesting is that there are many photographers on the day, and I remember there was one who stood out - literally and physically. He just pushed and shoved to be in front of all of us. I just wonder if he managed to snap one like the above. I guess not, since we have just less than 5 seconds to snap a photo of the king walking towards us, surrounded by his security personnel, and I secured 3 seconds from his majesty.

This image is possible courtesy of Chan Swee Meng. We were there on an assignment and Dr Mahathir was one of the two guests of honour. He was sporting enough to pose for a photo with me. Would love to take a photo with Anwar Ibrahim and his wife. Unfortunately, on the day he was about inches away, my buddies were not with me, and therefore no photographs with him.

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