Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Macro shots - two fighting spiders

Had been really busy finishing a couple of asignments, and that include preparing and sending out invoices. These two hairy spideys provide some relief to the mounting pressure of work.

What you see in the first pictures were two spiders circling each other. Then,

they were locked in battle. Alas, not for long. They scuttled away as soon as this photo was snapped.

I can still remember the days when, as a young boy, we went in search of similar type of spiders. These spiders normally make their nests in between two leaves that were strung together with their webs. Not that difficult to find once we became adept in locating their nests. As in photography, it is not too difficult to find interesting subjects when we are constantly scanning for them.

Anyway, for city folks who do not have the pleasure of growing up in Kampungs, we catch these spiders, place them in matchboxes (the matchboxes of yester years are rather difficult to come by these days), and bring them out to face their foes - another spider that is held in captivity until such 'fights' can be arranged. The good old days...

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