Monday, September 21, 2009

Graduation photographs

They can't wait to get back to class after a gruelling photography session. They did not know that I will subject them to individual 'torture' after the group session!

This had been a very busy week, with three assignments in one week.

I took up this assignment with lots of apprehension - Graduation photographs of children in a kindergarten. I know that it is difficult to take photographs of children, especially when they are in a group. True enough, at different times (wrong timing for us), they are digging their noses, scratching their head, tugging at their gown, looking away from the camera, tilting their heads, bending down, disturbing the one standing next/behind/in front of them, etc.

Thank goodness, the only snag we hit was time. We ran out of time. Because of that, we had to return to the school the next day to complete the shoot. Otherwise, it had been a great experience, and of course I have to thank the headmistress for giving me a chance to do this shoot, knowing that I have not done it before.

Oh, for this assignment, the we include Yip. Great help.  Note the makeshift studio.

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