Sunday, September 6, 2009

Asian Geographic Photo Contest - Asia Without Borders

You might be interested in participating in this contest.

Not me. Somehow, I do not feel comfortable in having to pay to participate.


John said...

Charging entry fees help to keep the quality of the competition high by attracting serious contenders that upload higher quality entries. This also helps to attract quality photograhy professionals to the panel of judges.

Entry fees make each entrant choose well and edit down there images to only the best and ultimately these are the images everyone likes to see; other entrants, the editors, the judges and the public.

Photography Unlimited said...

You have a point there. Valid in many instances. Maybe I am uncomfortable because of a couple instances in Malaysia where the eventual winning shots are not that good (based on the input of photographers that I met), and the fact that the organiser makes a handsome profit from organising the event.

I hope future contest organisers in Malaysia read your comment and ensure that paid events call for quality and qualified judges.

John said...

I agree that badly run competitions or unscrupulous organisers create bad experiences and it's hard to know the good from the bad sometimes. However I think it's ok for photo competition organiser's to profit from their efforts if they run quality, international competitions that generate high quality entries and the copyright of photographer's images are full protected.