Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An afternoon at the races in Ipoh

A good friend managed to secure for us an entry to the race in Ipoh. Not very often do we get a chance to be about 10 feet or so from the horses during a race.

The weather was not very encouraging as there were scattered drizzles occassional lightning and thuner. To top that off, the sky was a featureless grey. Nevertheless, we had a great time 'shooting' the horses and riders. Some of the images to share with you:

Riders and horses going round a corner. Just love the speed and gait of the horses (and riders)

Right off the bend

... and coming towards us.

before heading for the finishing line. A photo finish!

Here's the winner (from a different race)
Saluting the photographer?

Shot most of the above on rather high ISO setting (1600) and shutter priority (1/2000s)

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